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You can find them in on the shelf in the bakery section or in the freezer in the frozen foods section at the following retailers (link to Where to buy section when available)

Where can I find Furlani products?

You can find our mouthwatering products in the in-store bakery section and/or in the frozen foods aisle at your local grocery store. 

Are Furlani products suitable for a vegetarian/plant based diet?

Yes, all Furlani products – toast, garlic bread, breadsticks, knots and biscuits – are suitable for a lacto-vegetarian and plant based diets. Furlani products contain dairy. More details here

Are your products considered kosher or halal?

No, currently our products are not certified kosher or halal. However, they are vegetarian. Learn more here

What type of allergens are in your products?

Our products contain wheat, soy and milk.

We do not add peanuts or tree nuts to our products. However, we cannot guarantee that our facility or our suppliers are 100% peanut or tree nut free. Please err on the side of caution and avoid our products if you or a loved one have a severe allergy.

We also cannot guarantee that our facility or our suppliers are 100% cinnamon free.

How to store Furlani products

How to store: Furlani Frozen Grocery Products

Furlani manufactures a wide variety of Furlani branded garlic bread products designed for sale from the grocery freezer. Product varieties include Texas Toast, garlic bread, knots, soft breadsticks, and biscuits. All products are fully baked and designed to be kept frozen until reheated by the consumer.  The frozen shelf life of these products is 12 months from the day they are made. Please check the product’s Best Before (or BB) Date printed on the box.

How to store: Furlani Ambient Bakery Products (sold in Canada only in the poly bag on the bakery shelf)

Furlani manufactures several fully baked garlic bread products under the Furlani brand intended for sale in the bakery department.  Our products (a variety of toasts, breads, and knots) are shipped from our facility to retail grocery stores in a frozen condition.  They are designed to be merchandized on the bakery shelf at room temperature (70°F or 21°C).  These products have an ambient sale shelf life of 7 days. Please read the Expiry / Best Before Date sticker that is placed on the bag by the store. If sold from refrigerated bunkers, the shelf life of these products is extended to 14 days. Alternatively, you can freeze these items when you bring them home – when held in frozen storage the product will be good for 12 months.