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Christmas appetizers the kids will love

The internet is full of Pinterest worthy Christmas recipe ideas. But they’re always so complicated and come out looking much different than the photos. But not these recipes.

Here are two super easy recipes you can throw together before your guests arrive.

Cream cheese Furlani Christmas appetizer

Furlani cream cheese tree with breadstick toasties


Cream Cheese Christmas Tree with Breadstick Toasties

This dish is fun to prep with your kids and keeps them merrily involved with holiday entertaining – they can decorate the cream cheese Christmas tree with vegetables!


1 package of Furlani Breadsticks

Cream cheese – 1 package of the rectangular block style (not the spread)


1  Red bell pepper, thinly sliced

1 Orange pepper, thinly sliced

2 Chives stalks cut up

1 celery stalk, cut up (about 1 inch)


Prepare Furlani Garlic Breadsticks as per packaging directions.

Let the breadsticks cool, then cut into slices.

Next, toast the sliced breadsticks in an oven or toaster oven until they’re golden.

Set aside.

Cut the block of cream cheese diagonally in half and place on a serving plate to form a triangle.

Cut vegetables into various shapes – use these pieces to decorate the “tree”.

Cut celery into 1- inch piece and place at bottom of tree.

Serve with the breadstick chips.


Biscuit Poppers served with Salsa

Biscuits and salsa are the perfect holiday poppers – whether you need a quick something-something for your holiday guests or simply snuggling on the couch with family and friends … heat up a basket of biscuits, dip them in salsa and pop ‘em in your mouth! Instant delight!

Christmas appetizer

Simple and cute Christmas appetizer.


Biscuits (your choice of cheddar, cheddar and jalapeño or cornbread – or mix it up with all three flavours!).

Salsa (pick your one favourite or your top three!).

Something green to garnish biscuits with – chopped parsley, dill, cilantro or chives will do nicely.

Prepare the biscuits as per packaging directions.

Once heated, remove from oven, let cool and then place on serving plate in the shape of a tree.

Garnish with greens, serve with salsa.