Make way for the glorious pumpkin spice season.

autumn season hacks

Autumn season is in full swing with the cooler, brisk weather as the leaves change colours and the kids return back to school. During this special time of the year, here are autumn season hacks to help you enjoy and make the most of it.

1. Blast away the Leaf piles

Box Fan

(Photo courtesy of Bob Vila)

Use a high powered box fan to clear the leaves away without having to rake or stuff them in a bag. This saves you more time and energy needed for other activities.

2. Dry your Wet Jacket with Newspapers

wet jacket
After braving the chilly and rainy fall weather, dry your wet jacket with old newspapers to reduce wet spills and puddles at home. You can also use them on your shoes or boots when you arrive back from work, school or social outings.

3. Save the Pumpkins

pumpkin spray

(Photo courtesy of The Chic Site)

To ensure your pumpkins are preserved as the staple Halloween prop, spray them with a unique mix of bleach and water. This keeps them orange and plump before the end of October.

4. Make your own Fall Potpourri


(Photo courtesy of Hello Glow)

Using an assortment of items from pine cones, dried apple slices, juniper berries, whole nuts, dried orange slices and laurel leaves, you can create your own unique blend of potpourri for the autumn season.

5. Accessorize with Cinnamon Stick Candles

cinnamon stick candles

(Photo courtesy of Home Storiez A to Z)

Made of cinnamon sticks, candles, rubber bands, and ribbon or twine, these candles are a great accessory to celebrate the autumn season in fashion and style.

6. Decorate the Home with Real Leaves

leaves on the ground

(Photo courtsey of Life As Mama)

Search the front and back areas of your property for colourful and gorgeous leaves. Why spend your hard earned money when you can decorate the home for free?



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