Strawberries, Cranberries and Chocolate…Oh My!

strawberry shortcake

The best way to improve on the classic strawberry shortcake is with Ann’s White Chocolate Cranberry Biscuits. Topped with sweet butter spread and a drizzling of whipped cream, this strawberry shortcake is the ideal snack or dessert fit for any occasion. Complimentary to this are strawberries and cranberries which are refreshing and rich in nutrients.

Strawberry shortcake is considered “angel food cake” and our strawberry shortcake with Ann’s White Chocolate Cranberry Biscuits is nothing short of a “small taste of heaven.”


Ann’s White Chocolate Cranberry Biscuits
Whipped Cream
Sliced Strawberries



Bake Ann’s White Chocolate Cranberry Biscuits as per packaging directions.

Allow biscuits to cool, then slice each biscuit in half. Slice the strawberries and mix with a small amount of sugar and lemon juice.

Let sit for about 30 minutes until a juice develops.

Spread whipped cream on the bottom of each biscuit and then place sliced strawberries on top.

Pour a small amount of the juice over the strawberries. Place the top half of the biscuit on top of the strawberries.


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