Classic Open Face Sandwich with a delicious turkey twist!

turkey sandwich

Many of us often find ourselves with a generous amount of food after the Thanksgiving holidays. As we put the remaining dishes back into the fridge or freezer, we are left wondering what to do with the abundance of leftovers. Spending hours in the kitchen to prepare another meal is tiring and a lot of work for a single meal.

Rather than stressing out, why not delight yourself to a simple open face sandwich with Furlani Texas Toast and turkey covered in flavoursome gravy? This quick and easy weeknight meal idea will leave everyone wanting for more.

Be sure not to tell the bird!


Furlani Garlic Texas Toast
Roasted Turkey Slices
Gravy (Heated)



Prepare Furlani Garlic Texas Toast slices as per packaging directions.

Add warm, roasted turkey slices to each toast slice and drizzle with a spoonful of heated gravy.

Dig in and enjoy your open face turkey sandwich!



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