How to celebrate Halloween in spooky fashion and style.


During this festive time of October, decorations can get expensive in preparation for Halloween at the end of the month. Not everyone has the time or budget to spend money on props that are often set aside in November. We’ve put together a list of Halloween decorations that are easy to make to help you prepare for the scariest day of the year.

You’ll love these fun and affordable ideas that will make your humble abode the envy of all ghouls and ghosts out there. Boo!

1. Invasion of the Bats

(Photo courtesy of Made Everyday)

A great way to decorate with dozens of bats lining the walls keeping watch over the family and the plump orange pumpkin. Details can be found here.

2. Lollipop Ghosts

(Photo courtesy of OneLittleProject)

These lollipop ghosts are crafty and simple to make. All you need are tissue papers, orange and black ribbons, lollipops (or tootsie pops) and a black sharpie.

3. Alien Boo-lloons

(Photo courtesy of Guff)

The truth is out there and can be found in these extra-terrestial balloons. Toss a glow stick into a white balloon, inflate the balloon and seal it with a knot. Use a black sharpie to draw the face and you’re ready for a close encounter!

4. Mummy Jars

(Photo courtesy of Crafts Redesigned)

Mummy always knows best. These googly-eyed jars will keep a careful watch over your place on Halloween night. Instructions can be found here.

5. Styrofoam Spider

(Photo courtesy of OneGoodThing)

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without the creepy crawlies around! Spray Styrofoam balls with black paint and use bent pipe cleaners at the ends for the legs.



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