Grilling Season is Finally Here!

It’s finally grilling season at Furlani HQ. To celebrate we’ve put together some of our favourite BBQ hacks.

Onion Magic
Before you start grilling your food, slice an onion in half. Then stick one half on a fork and rub along the top of your grill. This creates a non-stick layer, which will help stop your food from sticking to the grill. When you are done grilling, use the other half of the onion to scrub off the food remnants.

Light it Up
Out of kindling? No problem, just reach for a bag of chips. Chips of any kind are pure hydrocarbons which are soaked in fat—and both are pretty much the perfect food for flame.

Furlani Grilling Hacks

Soak them!

Making kebabs on wooden skewers? Soak the skewers in water for about 30 minutes before putting your fixings on them. This will avoid them catching fire!

Keep It On
Don’t waste time shucking your corn. Instead leave the husks on, trim off the excess silk at the top of the ear and grill as is. In 30 minutes time you’ll have juicy burn-free corn.

Ice Ice Baby
While grilling put an ice cube on your hamburgers to create juicier patties.

Furlani Garlic Toast on Grill

Grilling season is our favourite season.


Ring My Bell
Do your stuffed bell peppers keep tipping over? Stop the madness! Grab some tinfoil, roll it into a coil and then wrap it around the base of your pepper creating a ring. This will keep it in place.

Add Juice
Spray your meat with apple juice. The sweet liquid will keep your meat tender and moist as well as add extra flavour.

Put all your condiments in an empty muffin tin. It’s easier than having to carry them all out.

Tired of plain burger buns or just looking for something new to BBQ? Surprise everyone by grilling our garlic Texas toast. This easy crowd pleaser is ready in a minute. Just place the toast on the grill for about 30 seconds each side and you’re done!

There you have it. Did we miss any of your favourite grill hacks? Let us know on our Facebook page.