2 Tips on Making Your Big Game Party a Hit!

If you’re hosting the big game, here are some ways to make your party even better.

Good Food
Chips and popcorn are good. But pulled pork sandwiches are great! Impress your guests by making this recipe by Chef Christine Cushing made with our Texas toast.

Another great idea is to make sliders. They’re the perfect snack size, which will leave room for the other good stuff going around. Try our meatball sliders and crispy fried chicken recipes (how-to video included). They’re crowd pleasers.

Adding games to your party will make it more fun. The games listed below are easy to make and all your guests can participate (even the ones that are only there for the food and halftime show).

Forbidden Word Game
Pick a word that your guests aren’t allowed to say during the party for example “halftime”. If your guests say this word, they have to do 4 jumping jacks, or take a drink or whatever you think will be funny.

Pre-Game Quiz
Before the game starts, have your guests fill out our pre-game quiz. make sure they fill out the questions before the game starts. 1 point is awarded for every right answer. Winner gets bragging rights or a special prize of your choosing.

Share It
We’d love to see how your party turns out. Post a photo on Facebook or tag us on Twitter.

Can’t wait until Sunday!