Stay ahead of the game with these tips and tricks.

back to school

Summer is drawing to a close with parents preparing the kids for the “back to school” season. It can be an especially busy and chaotic time for parents and children as we adjust and transition to a new school year with much anticipation and excitement. Here’s a handy list to get the kids ready for one of the busiest times of the year.

1. Homework Station

back to school

Use plastic or metal cups to store items like pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, markers glue sticks and more on a compact tray as their homework station. There is less need to search for stationary and more time to focus on their studies with everything they need within arm’s reach.

2. Designated Inbox

back to school
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Create a designated inbox for the kids to drop off any papers that need to be read or signed by parents. Makes life easier for the kids to concentrate on their homework without relying solely on memory when unpacking their school bags.

3. Wrapping Fresh Fruits

back to school

Take a small portion of wrapping paper to wrap around fruits to slow them from browning when the kids are in class. This keeps them fresh and it can be used with apples, peaches, bananas and more.

4. “Monday to Friday” Clothing Drawer

back to school

(Photo courtesy of Life of a Modern Mom)

Reduce the hassles for the kids to decide what to wear with a specialized clothing box. Similar to a tiny capsule box, try using a mini 5-drawer caddy and label each drawer every day of the week. It helps to alleviate the stress when the kids hop out of bed every morning before school.

5. Snack Box

back to school

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Like a special treasure chest, let the kids decide which snacks to bring to school. Fill the box with snack treats like granola bars, fresh fruits and vegetables to send kids happily on their way to school. They will have fun choosing a different combination of snacks every morning.

6. Animal Timer

back to school

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Decorate or buy a timer shaped after their favourite animal. Keep them moving and on their feet so they won’t be late during the hectic and busy mornings. It teaches kids the importance of time management with a cute companion by their side.



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