How To Prepare For The Best Family Picnic

summer picnic tips

With the gorgeous summer weather and the sun shining, here are five helpful tips when heading outdoors to ensure a safe and fun-filled picnic for the entire family.

1. Plan Ahead

summer picnic tips

Make a list of what you will bring so you won’t have to scramble at the last minute. This gives you time to organize your picnic with less stress and worries. Keep your list handy “on your person” or any mobile devices so it is easily accessible at any time. Share it with family members who can share the responsibility and provide reminders prior to leaving home.

2. Travel Light

summer picnic tips

Pack only what you need and leave behind any unnecessary things. Conserve your energy with small and compact items so you don’t have to carry too much before or after the picnic. Leave the heavy lifting at home to maximize your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

3. Remain Cool

summer picnic tips

The best way to beat the heat is to stay in cool and shaded areas. Shadows from large trees provide great shade from overexposure to the sunlight. Avoid the bushes as they are a popular nesting area for bugs and other insects. Wear hats and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn. If there are no tree shades around, bring a large beach umbrella that gives everyone ample shade from the sun.

4. Stay Hydrated

summer picnic tips

Don’t forget to pause and quench your thirst after basking outdoors in the sunlight. Take frequent breaks to avoid dehydration and drink lots of cold water. Bring a tiny cooler filled with ice cubes and frozen water bottles to keep them hidden from the heat. Steer clear of soft drinks and sweetened beverages as they tend to make you thirstier due to their high sugar content.

5. Bring Fun Activities

summer picnic tips

Between the snacks and picnic food, don’t forget to bring fun games for everyone to enjoy. Try fun activities like Frisbee, board games or Twister to pass the time. If everyone is feeling tired, take a break to recuperate and give yourself peace of mind to enjoy the rest of the day with everyone.



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